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Fees and Fines

Library Cards

  • Brattleboro Resident Card, for anyone who lives or owns a business in Brattleboro: FREE

  • Student Card, for a student in grades 7 though 12 who lives out of town but attends school in Brattleboro (limit 3 checkouts at a time): FREE

  • Temporary Resident Card, for residents in specific temporary locations in Brattleboro, including motels, the Brattleboro Retreat, Phoenix programs, and others: FREE. Signed certificate of residency required. Please visit the circulation desk to consult our list of temporary Brattleboro residences.

  • Nonresident Card, for borrowers who do not live in or have a business in Brattleboro: $32 for six months, $62 for one year, or $110 for two years. Additional members of household: $5 each per year. In accordance with policy of the Library Board of Trustees, the nonresident fee never exceeds the amount of tax support, per capita, provided to the Library by Brattleboro taxpayers.

       Fee to replace a lost borrower card in any of the above categories: $.50

  • Computer User Card, for computer sessions only: FREE, but higher replacement cost if card is lost (see note below). Voluntary donations are encouraged and appreciated.  Patrons with borrower cards use those to access computers; a separate computer card is not needed.

       Fee to replace a lost computer user card: $2.00

Overdue Fines

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Meeting Room Fees

Multi-media Use ( LCD projector & associated equipment)

Nonprofit organization or individual holding group meeting: $25 single use; $100 multiple use within calendar year

For-profit organization: $35 single use; $150 multiple use within calendar year

Remote Research Fees

Other Fees

Printing at public access computers: $.15 per black and white page; $.25 per color page

Photocopying: $.15 per black and white page; $.25 per color page

Microfilm copies: $.25 each

Document scanning (to flash drive or email): $.50 suggested donation

Fax (self-service with credit card or fax card, available at circ desk): $1.50 first page; $1.00 for each additional page

Slide or overhead projector: $5 per day (Sunday & holidays excluded)

Interlibrary loan fees charged by lending libraries: see Interlibrary Loan.